Gnadaa Japan 9th General Membership



Gnadaa Japan 9th General Membership meeting was held on June 18th. A gathering of 20 friends—members, supporters including university students—discussed the future of the Trincomalee sewing center and planned the future. We talked about the need to keep our activities going against a changing and more difficult world.

The importance of work for women especially the marginalized but also to be able to focus on their changing lifestyles was agreed. The lifestyles of the ladies in the sewing center has changed as they grow older and start families. We also emphasized the need to develop sewing skills and continue to have our workshops with Japanese teachers. Most of all we celebrated our bilateral friendship and respect for each other`s culture.

Our new products this year will be silk broaches with beautiful hand embroidery. The designs will showcase Sri Lanka`s tropical nature—flowers and wildlife.

We look forward to your continued support. !


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